August 17, 2007

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: farewell}

It has been a real pleasure to show some of our favorite things and memories with you all. Thank you Chelsea for your faith in entrusting us with your fabulous blog; hopefully we have done your proud. We thought it a good idea to end on a bright note with these final posts as it is supposed to rain in Portland today. Also, today is a great day for Sara's family; it is her mother's birthday and her sister Marti's wedding day. Have a great week everyone and don't forget to check back on Monday when Chelsea returns to {frolic}.

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: hair}

Throughout the years, I consider moving. While thinking about leaving friends and family makes me a little sad, the thought of leaving my hair stylist and my colorist sends me into a near panic induced inertia. My longest relationships have been with them both (they can be found at Jeff's salon in Vancouver, WA called J Michael Salon). Tina has done the subtle, traditional hair color to the current, not-so-subtle highlights in my hair. Just when I decided I would return to my natural ways, I began to see the light of the gray in my hair. There went that idea.

I love the vibrant color in The Fifth Element and Franka Potente's hair in Run Lola Run that was then copied by my favorite television spy. Being a banker, I can't do full color, but I can do highlights. And you can too with the fashion colors of elumen by Goldwell. The only downside (or upside, if you have ever been sad by how quickly red color fades) - the color doesn't fade. At all. The only way to get rid of it is to color over it with a darker color or cut it off. It takes time to do, but when it is done, I am good to go for another 6 months....well, except for the touch ups for gray... Images3_2 Images5_2 Images4_2

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: habitat}

I first came across Habitat on a trip to Paris in the early 90's and immediately fell in love with the store. I am still in love. I find the mini catalogue on their website especially swoon-worthy. See it here. Images_2 Images1_3 Images2_2

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: lyngrove country house}

My first stop in South Africa was Lyngrove Country House on a vineyard in Stellenbosch, just outside Cape Town.  The service was impeccable and the scenery beautiful.  The region boasts a bustling wine industry that pre-dates the California wineries. 

After my 37 hours of travelling, I couldn't stay awake and had to take a short nap. I awoke at dusk. After a respectful 10 minutes I received a call from the concierge (who noticed my light turn on) to ask if I wanted him to make a reservation somewhere or if I would prefer a small plate in the living room.  I chose the living room. 

The next day, he handled all of my reservations and expressed concern when I wanted to venture out to dinner in a neighboring town at a restaurant my Afrikaan friend had suggested.  Concern for two reasons: he had never eaten at the restaurant so couldn't vouch for the quality, and the fact it was a fair distance away and I would be returning at night after dark.  Given that I was a single woman travelling alone, this is actually a very real and legitimate concern.  The restaurant he did suggest was fantastic and just a few kilometres away.   

This was definitely a great beginning to one of my favorite trips.  But then, every trip is a favorite trip when it is the one I am remembering.

Photo_07_2 Images7 Mainpic

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: fred holcomb}

Fred Holcomb is a Seattle artist that we both love. His work can be found at the Lawrence Gallery in Portland among other places around the world. I think his work was one of the things that made Jaime and I realize we could be friends. The richness of the texture and the layers of the paint cannot be adequately expressed in the photographs. Imgpiecethumb2 Images_4 Imgpiecethumb Imgpiecethumb1

August 16, 2007

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: cos}

We both love H&M. We are looking forward to spending some time in the San Francisco store in a few weeks (since our fair city does not have a store). But imagine my surprise and glee to discover they are introducing a new, higher quality clothing line called COS, or Collection of Style. Unfortunately, the stores are currently only in Europe. The clothes are fairly monochromatic in color and appear to be good staple pieces with a hint of a twist. Just my cup of tea.


{guest bloggers sara & jaime: biasia}

A few years ago on a trip to Italy I was in a Florence leather shop buying a coat. The coat wasn't enough for them as the salesmen were, without success, trying to sell me a bag. They wouldn't take my "no" for an answer, until I told them the purses they were wanting me to replace were francesco biasia. They left me alone after that and told me they couldn't compete. I couldn't agree more. I just love this designer. The leather is so soft and supple and my bags are so timeless (I have had one for almost 10 years and still get compliments - best tax return splurge I ever did). The lining is usually made with a complementary colored suede. My black bag has chili red suede lining and my mahogany brown bag has mustard yellow suede.


August 15, 2007

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: satsuma press}

Satsuma Press is just a cute local Portland stationery company. You can also visit them here.


{guest bloggers sara & jaime: mink}

Mink is just a cute lovely store in Portland that I found through Portland Picks about a month ago. Most items were pretty reasonably priced to downright steals. I believe I have found a new source for great fitting t-shirts for only $13 each.



{guest bloggers sara & jaime: fingerprints}

I really like simple wdding rings that have a little personality tucked in them. As a result, I really like the idea of the fingerprint wedding band by Andrew English.


{guest bloggers sara & jaime: croquet}

Growing up, summers included not only the wild abandon of being a tomboy with several older brothers, but also croquet. My sister's alma mater lays claim to one of the only (if not the only) regulation croquet court on an American university campus.  It just seems like the quintessential game for English gentility.  People appear polite and courteous even as they are "sending" a competitors ball into the far distances of the court.  It reminds me a lot of the British parliament sessions that can be seen on C-Span.  The tone of voice and the tradition of referring to the other member of parliament as the "right honorable" masks the sharp jab to the individual's supposed stupidity of opinion.  Ah, England of yesteryear. 

While you can spend upwards of $4,000 for a set (that must be pretty nice, but the photos do not do them justice), I found this set from LL Bean for a much more affordable $99.   

                                            Croquet Set and Stand

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: REISS}

While I appreciate the softly flowing dress, I always feel weird wearing them.  I tend more towards a structured garment that is fashionable, stylish, but also understated in a good way.  Chalk it up to the part of my personality that makes me a banker.  But on a trip back to London a few years ago I came across a store that fit the bill called REISS.  I was able to justify the skirt purchase because it was part of my "travel budget".  Apparently they are now also in the US in a few select cities. You can check out the Spring/Summer 2007 collection here.

(Pardon me, as I can't seem to find any photos I can post.) Images_4

August 14, 2007

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: photobooths}

What is it about photobooths that just make us giggle? The Ace Hotel in Portland has one that we pass by often. So this past week we actually stepped into the lobby and into the booth. We were immediately besieged by giggles. Just the memories make us giggle more. If you too want to giggle, visit your local photobooth. Photoboothjd807_4

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: daily photos}

About a year ago Jaime introduced me to the London Daily Photo. In college I had the opportunity of living there for school. To this day it feels a little bit like a second home to me. The site is part of a photo community that includes cities from around the world. The point: to showcase the unique and everyday beauty of their respective cities. I now regularly check London and Paris and occasionally find myself returning to gaze at the beauty of Rob's images of Barcelona. Sadly, he stopped his blog last year, but there is someone else taking up where he left off. Below are some of Rob's photos.

Img_34211 Fern3 Facade

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: Rogue Wave}

Jaime and I are heading to San Francisco for Labor Day. To get in the spirit, I have been resuscitating my love for Rogue Wave. I especially love their songs "Eyes" "Catform" and "Love's Lost Guarantee". They are a a band from San Francisco on the excellent Sub Pop label.  If anyone has any ideas for things to do, please let us know.


{guest bloggers sara & jaime: shoes}

Chelsea wanted me to share where I buy my shoes.  This is tough to answer because, like most of my favorite clothes, my shoes are purchased often when I travel.  But I can share my philosophy of shoes, in general. 

Just as a good pair of shoes can make an inexpensive outfit look spendy, a bad pair of shoes can make an expensive outfit look cheap.  When looking for shoes I focus on 3 things really:  comfort, originality, and longevity.  Cost is almost an afterthought.  They first and foremost need to be comfortable.  Trust me, comfortable high heels do exist and not always at an outrageous price.  Some of my favorite 3 1/2 inch wedge sandals I bought at Target for $15.   

My shoes must also be unique and stand the test of time (unless they are the $15 Target shoes).  I don't like run of the mill shoes.  This is a large reason for why I often buy clothes and shoes on travels.  But when I am in town, the store I most often frequent is Imelda's.  They have both the high and the low end of the price point. 

I also tend not to succumb to fads with fashion.  Instead, I prefer shoes that are above trends.  I still get compliments on shoes I bought 5 years ago.   This is also how I justify some of my more expensive purchases.   I don't own any cydwoq's (pronounced like sidewalk) but I did convince my mom to buy a pair at Halo so I can drool to my heart's content.  They will custom make any style with any of their leather options so anyone can have a one of a kind shoe.      


{guest bloggers sara & jaime: homescapes: carmel}

On one of my trips down to Monterrey, my aunt said, "Sara, you need to visit Homescape in Carmel".  She used to work there before opening up her own japanese tea shop, Cha-ya in Pacific Grove.  Not only did I find a bracelet that people often think I spent WAY more than I did for, but I also saw some AMAZING cork lamps designed by Kenneth Wingard in San Francisco.  They felt like suede to the touch and gave off such an amazingly warm glow. 

Rectangle Cork Lamp

August 13, 2007

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: Canoe}

I know Chelsea recently posted an entry that mentioned Canoe, but I absolutely love it. The English Dept is just two doors down. The business cardholder shown below comes in the traditional horizontal version as well as a vertical version for business cards like mine. During the winter, they special ordered the vertical version for me. Since then, they carry both styles in stock.


{guest bloggers sara & jaime: powells}

Sara is a native Portlander and Jaime is a naturalized citizen of the Rose City.  We both agree that one of the best things about the city is Powell's.  It truly is a City of Books.  Their main location takes up an entire city block with multiple rooms that are easy to get lost in.  The decor is nothing to write home about, but since the eyes are so focused on the massive volume of books; this is one place we don't care.


{guest bloggers sara & jaime: Queen Bee}

I got really excited a while ago when I noticed an advert on the GFY blog for Portland's very own Queen Bee Creations.  They can be found at various retailers across the country.  If you are in Portland, or come visit Portland, you can visit their studio and buy some discounted and one of a kind pieces.  Both Jaime and I own a few of these bags and love them.  Jaime owns a brown and pink version of the "45" record bag.  The cool thing is that you can mix it up and change out the record with anything you want. 

  Bag3_2 Images1_4 Bag Bag2

{guest bloggers sara & jaime: wedding invite}

Sara's sister and her fiance are not the typical bride and groom. Neither of them is all that keen on the whole "wedding" thing.  I mean, we had to beg and plead to throw her a bridal shower.  They are getting married at the court house and their reception is not a "reception" instead it is a "party".  We were all a bit curious to see what the invites would look like.  I must admit, I think it fits their personalities and shows people exactly how they spend their time when at home.