July 18, 2008

elizabeth dye: fashion tip #5


Diana Vreeland said “Elegance is refusal.” Clothes are so affordable and abundant these days that we fall in and out of love with them too easily. Resist buying armloads of cheap trends. Cultivating a life long love affair with a few well-made pieces is better for the environment, for your wallet, and for your soul.

-Elizabeth Dye

Photo from Lyell Spring/Summer 2006

elizabeth dye: fashion tip #4


If, like me, you have almost zero time to think about what to wear, create multiple versions of an outfit you love. Design a “uniform” that makes you feel well dressed and comfortable all the time. Einstein kept his thinking clear by filling his closet with identical suits.

-Elizabeth Dye

Photos by style.com from Derek Lam's Resort 2009 Collection.

elizabeth dye: fashion tip #3


Wear more color! Especially during the Northwest’s grey, wet winter and spring, we need bright reminders of the summer to come. Invest in hot pink and yellow. Think of it as therapy. Color also shows confidence and that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

-Elizabeth Dye

Photo from Sally Scott

elizabeth dye: fashion tip # 2


If your shoes are perfect, you can wear a burlap sack. Put your dollars on your feet.

-Elizabeth Dye

Photo from here.

elizabeth dye: fashion tip #1


Break the rules: wear white shoes after Labor Day, black to a wedding, shorts with heels, whatever makes you feel confident and happy. As long as your hair is combed and your navel covered, no one is going to issue you a dress code violation.


Photo from here.

fashion tips from elizabeth dye

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Today, Elizabeth Dye will keep you company with her fashion tips. I hope you enjoy and I'll be back here on Monday.