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March 08, 2010


Love. Oh my. I had sworn off Target too. Lovely paper goods are a definite weak spot of mine.

ohmygoodness...Liberty is incredible...

OMG. I need one!!

wow lovely.

Gasp! I love love love the envelopes!

I adore stationary and envelopes - this one is absolutely adorable!! :)

oh so very sweeeeeet! love the plain out side with the wow inside!

That's so so pretty! I'd want to frame them, not use them hehe

you are enabling and this is awesome!

still thinking about london. i need to get there before the olympics .....

Lovely - much prefer this to Target stuff!

So simple, but so very beautiful!

love it...want it

This is simply just way too lovely!

I need them. I'll use them to send long letters to my sister whose far, far away.

oh, i don't blame you one bit. i love envelopes with that little "surprise" printed flap inside. and of course with liberty, it's divine!

sweet! me wants!

i love love love liberty. i could live in their store. x

I am glad to see these. Love them and want to get some. Thanks!

Oh wow. Coveting majorly.

That envelope and the notebook on the site are really cute. I love paper goods.

Was lucky enough to be in Paris this weekend, and visited Merci. It was fabulous!

Haha, it feels like there is a Liberty bug going around!

It's gorgeous! so happy you posted it.

gorgeous!!! i would love to see these all in person.

what a pleasant surprise for those who opens it up!

oh wow! that print right there is my favourite! i'm way too excited about this :)

i'm such a sucker for a good flower print! love this :)

I just love, love things with hidden beauty!! These envelopes are rockin'!

oh man!

I want to buy the mugs. Well, I want to buy everything, but I especially want to buy the mugs. About 12 of them. And then line them up one by one on my open kitchen shelving. And stare at them for hours on end.

That is all.

so awesome.. love the whole collection

SO cool.

I literally just squealed. Those envelopes are to die for. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I would totally rock the Phoebe Liberty Print jumpsuit. It's so cute I can hardly stand it!

oooh I love it, thanks for sharing!

oh, i like that.

oh dear, i must get those! i'm doing this all wrong, though. i just bought a liberty blouse at j crew, liberty fabric at purl, and missed the liberty for target pop-up shop because it sold out in two days! oh, give me liberty or keep my $$ ;). enjoy your weekend!

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