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January 07, 2010


oh my gosh! what a pair you guys make!

gorgeous picture Chelsea! That looks sooo yummy.

Omigosh. I want!

your sister is the _ _ _ _ !

it looks sooooo yummy.

This looks amazing. Must. Try. Now!!

This looks too delicious!

Mine too! My local makes a great mac n' cheese with cornbread. If you ever visit, we must go!!

That looks delicious!

Mac & cheese is one of my all-time favorite too! :) I can't say that I have ever tried it with onions though ... bring it on :)

wow, that looks DELICIOUS!!

saving that recipe!!

The styling of this photo is to-die for...not to mention how delish the actual food sounds, of course. You 2 should write a cookbook!!

this is my "bring one food with you on a desert island"... at least, my savory choice. i am a die-hard mac n' cheese addict, and this is making me want to throw any self-restraint out the window. oh resolutions...

killer blog post to read on a cold winter's night while still at the office at 9pm and not having had dinner. On my way home now, could you send a batch to meet me at my place in Toronto in about 25 minutes?

Jane, the cornmeal mac and cheese sounds amazing!! Margot I will have the mac and cheese over in 20!!:)

Thanks everyone, and if you do make any of the recipes from the series, please let us know how they turn out!!

Oh gosh, now none of my food sounds good.

This totally made me want mac&cheese tonight! Water is boiling...

I have to try this.... I have so many mac and cheese recipes... awww cheese it makes everything great.

Lizzy strikes again! Seriously, she could make a cookbook entirely about mac & cheese.

I've never had stilton, but I've always liked the sound of the word.

Can I ask if the cheese is runny?
I made my first homemade mac and cheese this week (not this recipe) and i was disappointed by how 'un-runny' it was. It was more like a pasta bake.

Am i making sense? Can someone help?

I'm not American, though my husband is, so I kind of want to get this right.

Hi Brigitta -

I intentionally make my mac and cheese a little saucier than most baked mac and cheese recipes for that very reason. I love a saucy mac and cheese. I think this recipe is a good combination of "runny" and the texture of a baked mac and cheese. But if you like it really saucy, I would suggest not baking it and just serving it after you mix the pasta in.

If you make it, please let me know how it turns out!

Good luck!

oh my goodness, this looks so yummy! my hubby has been begging me to make mac and cheese and this looks perfect!

All of this looks great! The food and the photo! I want to eat it all up!!

Yum yum yum!!!

That sounds perfect!

Mac and cheese is my guilty pleasure too! I cannot wait to try out this recipe.

i love every single thing in this one. wish i had it now. enjoy your weekend!

Looks so yum.

It was so dreary and dark yesterday and I couldn't get this photo out of my head. Made it last night with some Rogue Smokey Blue that I had leftover from Christmas in place of the Stilton. So rich and sweet and delish with the carmelized onions. This is a totally decadent mac and cheese and would really wow a dinner party. Wish I had those cute ramekins for it (for aesthetics and also portion control!).

thanks Lizzy.
I like the tip of not baking it! I'll give that go.
Stay tuned.

Donna Hay status, right here.
This looks sooooo gorgeous and yummy.

Love the wicker-wrapped ramekins! Can you share where you got them? Thanks!

Hi Mary Ellen,

The ramekins are from Sur La Table. You can order them here:http://www.surlatable.com/product/petite+ramekins.do?keyword=ramekinssortby=ourPicks

Arent they cute?


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