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November 18, 2009


can't imagine a lovelier place to have been. wishing you a smooth transition back to life in the states. so happy you got to get away for a little bit!

Your reality can be (and is!) just as beautiful Chelsea. I can't wait to see your next home! Are you on the lookout for a wee cottage near Portland? Or is it back to city life for you??

Oh, it's beautiful. The surroundings and the exterior looks a lot like my cottage. I'm still dreaming about light and peaceful interiors like that:) Looks like the cottage has been a little heaven on earth!

So, so cute Chelsea!!! It looks so peaceful!

Thanks for the nice comments:) tiina.. lucky that you get to live in a cottage:)

Jane- plans are up in the air right now!

It's so cute, Chelsea! I, for one, am glad you're coming home for a while! Although I can certainly understand why it would be hard to leave this!

So pretty! I want a cottage like that. I'm sure Portland won't be too bad. It sounds like a cool place to live.

So cute!


I can see now why it's hard for you to leave. :)

One question...is that grass growing on the roof?

I'm in LOVE!! I've always wanted at some point to live in a small little cottage. I love the one my grandparents live in when they were first married (and with 3 babies, until baby 4 arrived!), and sometimes I dream of living there.
I love the lightness and airiness of your little cottage- how hard it will be to leave!

Holy moly - it is completely captivating. I can see why leaving would be so hard ... I would want to stay forever, too!

So light and airy and perfect!!

how cute is your cottage! I love those hook racks and all the white. savor your last week, chelsea!

oh my! those Swedes always get it right. lucky you to have called it home for a bit. I'm in love too...

Oh my God. I can't handle how awesome and pretty this is. Total perfection! Lucky, lucky you! :)

so, so lovely!

oh gosh how adorable! i love how white and bright it is, but i guess they have that because of the longer nights and shorter days.

i'm not sure i would be able to leave. . . for reals!

Chelsea - what a lovely little place! :-)

amazing - chelsea! what a wonderful experience you must be having!

Amazing. Safe travels home.

Oh my goodness! It's perfect, perfect!

Lucky you! :)

how did you find this magical little place? you've completely inspired me to go do some exploring/working away from home!
safe travels home

Just seeing the kitchen again makes me wish I had that fridge. I do like appliances that don't look like appliances. I seriously loved it.

oh wow, what a fantastic space!!

no wonder you don't want to come back

What a dreamy dreamy houselet. Some day I want a cottage just like that. Painted all white inside.

are you kidding?!!
that is the cutest thing i've ever seen!

oh wow. hmmm, can you take it with you? it's so perfect. i love the kitchen. i think it would be so hard to leave, but we'll welcome you home with open arms, chelsea! you'll always have sweden and thank you for sharing it with us. safe travels.

So uber cute! I was hoping you were going to post some pics of it :D The older I get, the more I enjoy smaller homes & cottages - too much indoor space = hell.

My envy has increased ten fold from seeing this pictures. So beautiful!

I hope your last week is fabulous, and your journey home safe.

How most awesomely perfect :)
Love it!

Wow, you must be pinching yourself. This is so lovely!

How perfect...I am so obsessed with Sweden lately.

So cute! Makes me miss home (Sweden) like crazy!
Thanks for sharing.

oh my goodness chelsea nooooo! It looks like the cosiest place on the planet, I have been dying to see some pictures, and I just know you've been taking some with your polaroid and perhaps saving them for something super special( (I'm good with keeping secrets!!).

Thank you for the sneak peek, wish I was able to come up and visit you. xox

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! It has really been a dream! To answer a few questions:

I found the house online. There is a really great site with lots of Swedish cottages and if you email me, I can give you the info. Luckily, once I decided to stay for multiple months, I got an amazing deal since it is off-season.

Yes, it is grass on the roof! Occasionally the landlord comes over to "weed" the roof!

xoxo Chelsea

that cottage is so darling!

I love it. All that white, the scale, everything - it's absolute perfection. So glad you're enjoying it...


hi Chelsea
how did you find it? did you rent it? would love to stay there for a while( i am Swedish)

I love it Chelsea!! So darling!!

I can't think of a more perfect way to live. Nothing more than what you need, and so so beautiful. I am so living vicariously through you on this adventure!

I am so utterly jellybugs...jealous! It's beautiful and I love the idea of you tip tappettying away like Jessica Fletcher in there.

T x

P.S Thank you for the mention on the simple site xxs

It looks just so gorgeous! No wonder you're finding it difficult to leave ... :)

Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

Mia- If you email me, I can send you the info. I know it's available next year.. that is, if I don't decide to stay!:)
[email protected]

xo Chelsea

so delightful!!

It's so beautiful and just what I imagine when I picture Sweden. I was recently introduced to your blog by Melisa over at The Lil Bee. She featured "my list" and referenced a photo from your blog. I'm so glad she did. Looking through your blog was like a mini-vacation and I sure needed one. I hope your transition back to the States is as seamless as possible. I'll be back here soon. : )

i love how white and airy it is. such cute style, too!

beautiful! you will so miss it!

Oh my. How wonderful!

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