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October 05, 2009


I feel like I really need that. Want.

Oh, her other things are equally lovely.

That is gorgeous! My husband would love this... he loves anything with patches. He's trying to convince me to put elbow patches on his jackets lol

I love this and think you're right. Gray is my favorite color and this looks so soft too.


Wow. I agree.

best laptop case EVER! it is so hard to find nice practical traveling homes for computers.

love that! thanks for sharing, chelsea.

That is so cool! It's so much more chic that my plain black one.


I manage to carry my laptop in a regular normal looking bag, but know that you have opened my eyes to this lovely, I don't know how I can live without it! I just recently found your blog and love it, I added you to my daily reads and was wondering if you would do the same? My blog is www.wardrobechic.blogspot.com

ohhhh! i want it!


wow, i apologize. nothing recently has made me regress to a childish state of covet. that surprised me.

Oh! My! So so gorgeous, I love the brown against grey, leather against felt. Brilliant.

Oh I need a laptop case! Perhaps this is the one :)

oh i know i almost bought one of these!



I have had my eye on this for a while!!

love it!

It makes me wish I were still in college just so I could tote it around!

It is cute, but there is one that I love even more! It is found on Colcasac.com or applesac.com! Serious! Take a look! You'd love it! I also did a post about it on my blog: www.apinacolada.blogspot.com

Ooh, i do like that!

I would gladly carry my laptop everywhere if I had this cute cover!

this is beautiful! :)

Oh, my goodness! It is adorable!

Thank you for sharing that; I just clicked over and they also offer really great leather and wool iPhone cases. Perfect Christmas present for my husband!

I have one of here laptop cases and love it!

Oooh hot. I love the old book-strap feel of it.

Too bad my man just bought me a new lapbook case in June...

oh wow. this is soooo perfect. amazing find! thank you!

LOVE IT (I hate that so many laptop cases SCREAM there is a laptop in here!) This a cute and discreet accessory!

oh my gosh it is stunning

that's how we do it here in minneapolis! oh, yeah.

I LOVE it! I'm not a fan of toting my laptop around (defeats the purpose, I know) but this sleeve is meant to be shown off!

-Jane @ brunchatthebeach.blogspot.com

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