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October 16, 2009


this looks just beautiful... i was wondering, also, if you'd mind terribly if i put a link to frolic on my blog? i've been lurking and loving (though, obvioulsy, in addition being too shy to comment) for about a year, now, and i've just started a blog of my own and would love to have you on my favourites...

oooh it looks gorgeous!
thanks for posting!


This movie looks lovely - I love the colors and textures... That fist shot is beautiful.


Oooh I want to see too!

you will love it! I could see it again and again just for the lush flower settings and cinematography alone.

I really want to see this movie since seeing it on a few blogs. It has finally started playing here, yeah!

I saw those pictures in a magazine ad and wondered why I hadn't heard of it before. I hope it plays near me soon, I love old-fashioned movies.

Sorry to say, but I don't think I will wait for your return before seeing the film. Looks dreamy.

I've been wanting to see this film!

it's the most beautiful movie i've ever seen! the costumes fanny wears are.... ah! just no words to describe how gorgeous they are. if i ever met the costume designer, i'd just hug her. immediately. to show my appreciation.

i have been wanting to see it ever since i saw the trailer - looks soooo good!

I absolutely loved this film.

I loved the movie. It made me want a cottage with creaky wooden floors and gardens of spring blossoms. One day, one day...

oh my goodness, i had no idea about this! can't wait to go see!

yeah, i've been seeing posters around town. i'm ready for a good historically derived cinematics.

it was awesome - you'd love it. she designs and sews all her clothes and they're perfect. definitely recommend.

this movie will certainly be influencing my spring line... ah romance...

I love the palette it is very inspiring!

it looks AMAZING!!! i just looked it up and it got 96% from top critics on rottentomatoes.com. can't wait. xo

This is definitely something I need to see! Thank you for the tip :)

almost a perfect read on the period and the clothing, and an amazing insight into the beauty and tragedy that surrounded Keats' short life.

chelsea, you'll absolutely love it. I saw it on a friend's recommendation and loved it. romantic, engaging, and visually gorgeous. it was so interesting to find out more about keats and hearing his poetry weaved through the film was fantastic. you'll die with the costumes. I want to go back in time and wear hats and dresses like her for a day!

I can't wait to see this one but it's not playing anywhere near us. Darn!

thanks for the heads up on this movie chels!
ooooo i feel dreamy already!

oh it looks gorgeous!

Oh my god the trailer is amazing ...

I saw it over the weekend with my mom and sister and we adored it. It was so gorgeous.

Thanks for posting about this movie, it looks like the perfect movie to watch on a raint afternoon under the bed covers!

Loving the blog, come and say hi if you get the chance :) www.jeniwren.com

One of the best dramas I've seen all year! The cast was amazing, and the music haunting. You should check out the film Bright Star’s official site, where they've announced the Love Letter Contest. Those who enter will have to submit a hand-made love letter or love tweet for their chance to win two unique diamonds from A Diamond Is Forever. Find more details here:
Follow Keat's Tweets here: http://twitter.com/KeatsTweets
I'm glad Jane campion decided to step back into the director's chair for this one. I don't think anyone else could have captured the heart of the story like her.

I actually had to look up the basis of the story because the previews were so compelling. Besides which, I love the style of the Regency era.

yes! it looks so romantic! i can't wait to see it too

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