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July 11, 2009


what a lucky lady!

She is so beautiful !
Also you are a very gifted family, the flowers are lovely!

wow, she looks fabulous!! how wonderful to have reached an age looking so healthy and full of life, surrounded by such lovely people! can i come and be part of your family too? ;)

oh, btw, i've got my fiance to bookmark your urban weeds blog too. thanks for the continued inspiration! :)

what a lovely birthday. your granny looks wonderful! love your blog.

A beautiful party for a beautiful lady! My husband's great-grandmother celebrated her 100th in April and it was so amazing :)

Wow - so amazing! My gran will be 94 this year, and hopefully will get to 100 as well! Such a beautiful day for such an important occasion!

Your grandmother looks so fabulous. And not a day over 80! I hope I look as good as she does some day. What an inspiration and how amazing to be part of such a special day.

Oh,quel beau sourire!!!Merci de nous faire partager ce moment plein d'émotion...Thank you very much...Isabelle(Brest,France).

Oh your Granny is gorgeous! Gorgeous Gracie, that's what she should be called for the next year!
Beautiful photos too.

I hope I look that wonderful when I'm 100!

she is gorgeous and represents her name so well. the party looks beautiful, love the flowers. wonderful photos.

yes, beautiful and inspiring. really, lovely.

what a sweet party!

She looks amazing! What a precious party..

she is beautiful and the party looks beautiful and 100 is an absolutely amazing number!

Wow, to reach 100. What an amazing accomplishment. Such a lovely celebration!

A beautiful party for a beautiful lady!

your granny is the cutest!

what a lovely party :)

She is absolute perfection! 100 years and still happy, bright-eyed, and full of life! Hope her day was spectacular!

Aww, that is so sweet!

Your grandmother is glowing...looks like it was a lovely party!

Does your cousin by chance work at Passionflower Design? The flowers (breathtakingly beautiful, by the way) look remarkably similar to my wedding flowers, which I loved so much I still get misty eyed thinking about them!

Hey, Amy! Yes, she does!

She looks absolutely amazing and judging by this lovely party, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree where talent is concerned!

You know, I read your blog almost daily-well you don't know but...I have never commented before. I just love your blog and I am absolutely enchanted by Grace. Happy Birthday indeed. What a beautiful grandma. I just can't believe she is 100. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

oh my god, is that her!? she looks amazing and about 30 years younger than 100!

she looks amazing, and sweet and beautiful!

oh, it's gorgeous! Are you sure she's 100? She seems much younger:)

such a lovely party! happy belated birthday to your beautiful grandmother -- how fantastic!

She does look amazing and oh so very stylish! I also had a stylish grandmother who was my greatest inspiration. Thanks for posting these lovely photos...

What a beautiful woman your Granny is! She is obviously very loved, and I'm sure very loving in return. I wish her many, many happy and healthy returns!

What a stunning party. I'm spending the week with my beloved grandparents, so this post was v. special to me! I just posted something about them on my blog. :) special times, indeed.

I wanted to thank you for your kind words about my blog and for all your store suggestions! It means a lot. We didn't have all that much time in PDX so I didn't get to go to all the stores. Next time... and there will be a next time!


What a lovely party! Happy birthday to your grandmother!

what a party! she is remarkable!! what are her secrets?? genetics and a good outlook on life I suppose...

Just beautiful - the part and Granny!

Wow. To reach 100 is one thing, but to look this amazing at 100 - that's another! I wish, wish, wish this is me some day.

happy birthday, grace! she looks amazing and happy!

aww, she is wonderful. :)

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