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May 12, 2009


aw, love this! would love to buy for my 3 year old strawberry shortcake obsessed niece!

Oh, man. I am thisclose to snagging it. Ahhhhh!!

I would love to frame these and hang in my craft room. Lovely.

I love this. I've got a thing for strawberries. :D

Somehow this reminds me of my childhood - very nice!

I love this item and this etsy shop! everything is so happy!

How pretty! I love strawberries too -had some for lunch today! :-)

so gorgeous, strawberries always make me think of summer and happiness...

So sweet!

For me, strawberries epitomize summer. And this artwork makes me very very happy. Lovely!

i love it (reminds me of "across the universe")! i especially love the red moleskine. i have the same one :)



so sweet!

so nice!

Love this!

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