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March 31, 2009


LOOOVE this photograph!! I'm a fan of the hand-stitched piece getting thrown in the shot. seriously, love it. (:

I love both of these dresses. Beautiful styling as well.

Yowza! I love that wall. Turns out I want to live on this set!

That wall. That wall. It's inspired. Beautiful.

stunning . . . love it ! ! !

Chelsea, you are so talented! I can see you've been busy... what a beautiful shoot. I love the soft and dreamy feeling of the images...

excellent job chelsea! its beautiful!


so, so pretty!

Chelsea how exciting for you and for us! love the wall and the light such softeness but extreemely rich in texture and emotion!

This is absolutely lovely!

This looks so perfect. I love the background you produced.

this is the shit

The softness and ethereal quality that wall gives just enhances the loveliness of the dress. Good job everyone. I love it!

Well done! Looks like an amazing shoot!

Sooo pretty!

Fantastic! The embroidery hoop totally makes it!

Thanks everyone! It was truly an inspiring collaboration.

so, so beautiful! I love that embroidered 'e' and the wall of pages.

I just found your blog for the first time, and it is so pretty to look at! I love all the beautiful flower shots you've posted. I really want to get myself some violets now. :)

I love how everything else in the picture made the subject standout. It's so amazing! I never thought that wall would look really good on that concept.

Wonderful wonderful!

Wow! This looks completely wonderful.

Stunning. Simply stunning.

just incredible!

fantastic, chelsea!

Your styling is awesome!! Both photos look absolutely dreamy. great job!

what a great shot!

I'm totally in love with the embroidered E!


beautiful! love the book pages on the wall

It all looks SO amazing.
What a great job you all did.
This is fantastic!!

I checked our Myra's flickr and all of these photos are so amazing. You are so talented. I'm jealous. :)

SO beautiful! This is just too pretty.

I fixed the photo credit! Thank you for the heads up :)

I let my readers know that Nicole was the photographer and you were the stylist! Thank you!!!

I walk by that E everyday.. How weird.

Bravo, Chelsea! You make it all look so effortless.

i'm sold, when i get married, i want you ladies to help me!

images are breathtaking - you did such an incredible job styling!!!

Oh wow! I am giddy over this!! I love every inch of it. You are amazing!!

Count me in as another fan of the styling! I want to paper a wall exactly like that.

Chelsea, your talent is so tremendous--never ceases to amaze me--beautiful shot, for sure!

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