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August 11, 2008


Chelsea, you amaze me once again! Everything looks so sweet...

Chelsea, I just love this. It's gorgeous, personal, and so warmed my heart! Your granny is a love. I wish her more birthdays just like this one!

Wow, this is all so amazing! The flowers are breathtaking, the colors of the drinks look delicious and the cupcakes are so cute! Plus of course your grandma looks so sweet in her beautiful flowery hat, what a party!

how fantastic, chelsea. everything looks gorgeous, and by the looks of it, i think granny would be a perfect candidate for a ban.do. she looks amazing.

she is lovely!

The hat is utter perfection. I don't have words!

I love the sewing basket as a centrepiece. You're a genius!

Now, can I please have a glass of lemonade and one of those tasty cupcakes?

Gosh this is just the sweetest... love the pictures!

Oh how perfect - I love it!

how special is this celebration! everything looks wonderful chelsea........very special!

Just found your blog from design for mankind, what great photographs!

This is so perfect! I am in awe! The decoration is absolutely beautiful! Your grandma is adorable! I want to get to her age as active as she is!!!

oh, it looks like such a lovely garden party. your granny is gorgeous - she reminds me of queen elizabeth with the pretty hat. i love that she's artsy and would love to see her paintings.

Looks like it was a great party. Those favors are too cute!

WHAT a lovely party!! ;) And how cute is your grandma??? xxM

What a splendid affair! And what an excellent choice of favors! I'm a huge fan of Ina, so I know the food was comforting and classy!

Chelsea, the garden party looked beautiful! Loved all the cupcakes, and your grandmother looked just lovely with her flowery hat.

What an AMAZING party! Your grandma is gorgeous. I love every perfect little detail!

i absolutely love your granny!!!

mine was also very active, she knitted, embroidered, saw, read, went to vote on the last elections we had here in mexico, she excercised in her still bike, kept a notebook were she wrote all the proverbs and popular sayings she knew and worked until the day she passed away. i admire people like that, that make the most of their lives everyday.

what a gorgeous party for her did you have!!

simply adorable. I thought it was from a magazine, this is amazing!!!!

stunning, stunning, stunning...ok it's now on my life list to hire you to throw a party for me.

Beautiful celebration, amazing granny.

The party looks like it was lovely and your granny looks so happy!

Now I want to know how I get a hat like hers...

You did an amazing job on this. It looks absolutely beautiful! I'm sure she loved it!

What a glammed out granny par-tay! Love it all and I see that the talent has been running for generations. How wonderful.

Awe how great! What a sweet party and a lovely hat! I want to be like your granny when I grow up! :-P

Hi...i love your website. All of this looks sooooo yummy! Do you mind passing on the recipes for your shortbread cookies and lemon curd.

Lovely party. That hat! and I want to give your grandma a big hug.

I just discovered your blog through a posting on Oh Happy Day. I'm hungrily looking through all your lovely posts. Beautiful work! Thanks.

PS - Do you know who makes the rectangular porcelain baker used for the party?

So sweet, love it all! Hope all of you had a great time.

So sweet, love it all! Hope all of you had a great time.

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