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July 01, 2008


I ran across this on twitter a few weeks ago...love it!

Such a great link! Thanks for passing it along ; )

Oh God. I'm addicted.

Wow, that is so cool. Definite time-waster for me, I predict :)

heh, fun! I was self-indulgent and put my own blog in there. Maybe I should start posting like that, all in a jumble :)

How fun! Thanks for the link.

How fun! Thanks for the link.

How fun! Thanks for the link.

How fun! Thanks for the link.

So awesome! Think I may create one for a friend and frame it for a birthday gift.

Thanks for the link to Wordle! I've just pasted in some book reviews from the net about the book our bookclub is reading at the moment. I've printed the word clouds to use as placemats for our next bookclub meeting!

Take a look at what Wordle creates from the text of Moby Dick:

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