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February 21, 2008


i love short wedding dresses, too. especially 50s style ones with poofy skirts. that's what i'd go for. . .

I agree completely. I'm only 5ft 2" so always feel like anything long will swarm me.

i adore short sleek modern wedding dresses. if i could do it again, city hall, sheath dress, feathers in my hair, and a smart pair of flats.

oh, i really wish i could get married again, just me and my husband, and then a trip to rome. sigh.

The simple and sleek dress in the Brides.com image and the Elizabeth Dye dress are lovely! It's such a fresh and modern approach to a traditional institution. Love it!

i don't think that's dull or drab at all! short dresses are super chic and you can move around in them--dancing, flirting, kissing, mingling. yay!

I love short dresses and simple weddings as well! I got married in a short pink Mandarin collar dress that I got for $50 in Chinatown. Lovely blog!

I got married last June and wore a knee length A-line dress trimmed in feathers. It was the perfect dress for me on that day. I loved being able to walk outside and not worry about getting dirty. After hours of dancing and walking in it, it still looks new! And it was $400, which is a lot for a dress, but not bad for a wedding dress...

So chic, I love it with the flowers in the hair!
You can see another fabulous short suit-dress of an italian wedding at: http://blissproductions.blogspot.com/2008/02/amore-eterno-italy-on-super-8mm.html

I was JUST browsing through the Victorias Secret catalogue and found a short skirt suit that would be perfect for a civil ceremony. Follow the links...


I bought a long dress and am having the whole thing cut up to the knee by a dressmaker.

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