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January 19, 2010


The first photo is my favorite. I will surely be searching my local thrift stores for old army cots that can be transformed with new fabric to look like these beauties!

Oh wow... what a refreshing post! Thank you!

Chelsea those photos are amazing! I'm so bummed I won't be at Alt Summit to meet you and everyone. Next year. :D

Oh, those photos are beautiful! Thanks for posting - a breath of fresh air with this poopy weather we're having! :)

ohhhhhhhhh, i remember these! i love the pastel, softness of it all! it's been too loong since i've gone on a proper exotic vacation. yum!

GORGEOUS!!! And I agree with Compulsively Compiled about those beach 'chairs'!

wow beautiful.

so pretty! love the colors.

gorgeous soft pastel colors!

Mama Greece say she have good place for low price...Hahaha!
I miss Greeeeeeece too. :(

now i'm dreaming too!

I loved our trip. What a dream it was.

i love these photos.
will you post a guide to greece and all the other lovely places you visited?
or some must see's or places to go there?

Oh! The third week in January is so hard. These photos look almost startling now - my eyes are not used to such clear, warm light!

I can't believe how beautiful it is there. You've inspired me to add Greece to my world-travel list (for that giant imaginary future trip I will take SOMEDAY).

Any plans to go back someday?

Beautiful place, beautiful photos - just the thing to get me in a dreamy mood!

Great photos! Love the pinks and pale blues on that last shot.

so beautiful! we are going there for our honeymoon this Sept/Oct. and I cannot wait!

So beautiful! Love the colors, especially on this cold & gray day here in "sunny" california!


That last picture looks so familiar... http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3053/2996360031_f96d217878_b.jpg

but your picture is much brighter than mine. I went towards the end of the tourist season when the weather was a little darker & stormier.

Greece is a place I dream of going often, never been but I will go someday :)

Hi! Reading your blog for the first time. Looks like a super vacation in Greece. Love your dress and sandals -- details available for them? Thanks.

b: the dress was custom made by elizabeth dye + the sandals are from here: http://elseachelsea.typepad.com/frolic/2009/05/sandali.html

Lovely photos! I was in Greece too last September - a wedding in Athens and beautiful days lazing on Hydra - thank you for reminding me of the warmth and glorious colours of that trip on a dark, damp, cold day on the east coast of Scotland!

When I am craving warmth, my thoughts also turn to Santorini.

ohhh, now i long for greece!

wow, gorgeous! i want to be on that beach right now :) thanks for sharing.

cynthia's last blog: www.onesownsweetway.blogspot.com

Oh, I would so love to be heading to Greece right now! Thanks for giving me a warm weather thought for the day!

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